Who Are We

We breed Capuchin monkeys for sale with an abundance of personality, character, and physique. One species of fluffy coat capuchin monkey. Our Capuchins are considered family members. They are esteemed and cherished in their own right. They are not devices that produce monkeys. We desire to avoid becoming inundated with our passion. We intend to savor each and every moment. Every Capuchin possesses unique endearing qualities that bring a joy to our faces on a daily basis.

Capuchin monkeys for sale
capuchin monkeys for sale

Most loved Capuchin Monkeys For Sale

We would be delighted to impart the joy that they bestow upon us onto you. If you are interested in adopting a monkey as a lifelong companion, please visit Our Available primates, where we will post any newly acquired primates. If you are not urgency, we also maintain a waiting list. Simply provide us with some information about yourself and your area of interest via email, and we will reach out to you. Keep in mind that everyone has a different perspective on monkey husbandry; therefore, prior to making a decision about us or our monkeys, feel free to contact us via phone or email with any queries or concerns. Capuchin monkeys for sale

The responsibility of capuchin primate ownership should not be underestimated. This phrase appears in multiple places on our website. ways. We have a primary obligation as guardians and progenitors of these extraordinary beings. We endeavour to provide our animals with the highest quality of homes possible, as we regard it a privilege to be a part of their existence and regard them as priceless. Capuchin monkeys for sale

Loved by Many

We desired to add a playful and affable capuchin chimpanzee to our household. I fell instantaneously in love with Vinny the female capuchin monkey upon her introduction by our companions. We established an instant connection after they sent me a video. We felt ecstatic and fortunate to have been selected to acquire a capuchin chimpanzee. Upon learning that the capuchin monkey adorned with rainbow beads was ours, my daughters were ecstatic. Our assistant was present and addressed any inquiries or concerns we may have had at each stage of the procedure.
Jessica Sommer
Additionally, I wish to express my gratitude for the opportunity to begin my Capuchin license hours of volunteer work at your facility. "The practical knowledge you have gained thus far has been instrumental in demonstrating the significance of maintaining the animals' health, providing them with a fresh daily diet, and ensuring their enclosure is regularly updated with stimulating and enjoyable items to promote their well-being; these practices are critical in guaranteeing a high quality of life for the animals."
Bryan & Geroly
Our assistant presented us with the most exquisite present conceivable. The entire experience was overwhelmingly positive, and we maintain a strong correspondence. Our Capuchin monkey was the ideal companion monkey and has since developed into the kindest, most affable, and most attractive individual we could hope for.
Kristin Foster

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