Capuchin monkey for sale near me

Transporting your Capuchin Monkey

Although we encourage all customers to personally collect their capuchin primates so they can observe their origin, we understand that this may not be convenient for some. Therefore, we offer air shipping to the majority of states.

Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and WestJet are our primary air carriers. Each of our primates is transported in a medium-sized travel crate, which is optimal for the initial six months of crate training. Prior to transport, each monkey that is dispatched will be microchipped. Our monkeys are handled with the utmost care throughout the transportation process, and we have never experienced any shipping complications with these organizations. While I prioritize American and Delta airlines for my shipments, I will also consider United and Alaskan airlines if necessary. A higher price will be charged if United Airlines or Alaskan Airlines are required for the shipment. All prices are subject to change based on location and season.

Each primate reaches the age of five weeks prior to shipment. You will be notified of the arrival time of your monkey on the day it is shipped. You may choose to collect it up at the nearest airport, or alternatively, arrange for home delivery to the address of your choosing. Additionally, a photo ID is required to receive your monkey; therefore, if someone other than yourself will be collecting it, please inform us prior to shipment so that we may obtain the correct names for the documentation.

Is it truly risk-free to transport a monkey?

A considerable number of individuals inquire whether shipping a capuchin monkey is secured. Flying in an airplane is potentially less stressful than a lengthy car ride and is just as secure as driving. Many individuals believe that animals are drugged, confined to a box, tossed around with the other checked baggage, left in hot aircraft for hours, and so on. If this were true, we would never ship our monkey by air! We have never had a problem during our nearly seven years of transporting monkeys throughout the United States and Canada, with the exception of normal flight delays, which are also quite uncommon. Alaska Airlines and United Pet Safe are by far the finest pet shippers. Pets are accommodated in designated areas onboard airlines to ensure their safety from cargo and luggage. It has the same pressurization and temperature regulation as the compartment. In addition to food, water, and a blanket, they are transported in a new, airline-approved crate with clear sides and a front-view window. The monkeys are removed from the aircraft during layovers (if any) and stored in a temperature-controlled holding area until their connecting flight. Attached to the side of the crate is additional food in preparation for an unanticipated layover or delay. Before transportation, Monkeys must be examined by a veterinarian in order to obtain a shipping health certificate. Our Capuchin monkeys have been transported throughout the United States and Canada without incident.

Please text or email us for further information or to coordinate the direct delivery of your new monkey to your residence. How It operates: After your main airport arrival, your monkey will be personally delivered to your residence for a flat service charge. 

After the acquisition of the monkey has been finalized, we will coordinate every aspect of your travel arrangements. Once the agreed-upon time, date, and flight have been selected, the travel information will be sent to you via email. Your monkey will arrive at your residence or the nearest major airport in a secure flight. A shipping agent watches over and attends to your monkey’s every need throughout the flight. You are also welcome to meet the monkey’s parents and grandparents while picking up your monkey. The nurturing environments in which our capuchin monkeys for sale have been reared and their affectionate dispositions will be evident to you. Please take advantage of the current free shipping promotion. Capuchin monkey for sale near me